Community Kitty Sculpture

Want to be a part of the action, but don’t want to have a brand sponsorship? Us too!

We are opening the “Community Kitty” to take donations as small as $1 and as large as you wish. Donors will have their names printed on a list that will be posted next to the sculpture.

Here’s the fun part: whatever we raise, Aaric will build to suit! If we raise $1, he will poke an ice cube and leave it on display, but if we raise $1000 or more, we will get to see the stuff ice dreams are made of!

So join us in growing the Community Kitty by filling out the form below, or bringing a check to the Village Hall.

NOTE: Aaric will read all suggestions for the community sculpture, but his choice will prevail. Can you convince him your idea is best??? We’ll see!

Thanks to everyone who contributed, the 2019 community kitty is closed.